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Saga, Volume 1 - Brian K. Vaughan, Fiona Staples

Heh. Somewhere out there some SF purist is having a fit because I shelved this under "Science Fiction." Or, not, because nobody really gives a shit.

Anyway, it's furries in space, having babies, changing diapers, outrunning assassins, and whatnot. Marko is a soldier from Cleave; Alana, a soldier from Landfall. They're in love--Aw, que cute. Trouble is, their worlds have been at war for, uh, a really long time, so in order to play house, they have to first desert and escape the influence of their respective governments/military. Not so easy, when significant forces want them both dead, and have sent a couple of bad-ass killers after them. Also, not so easy, since Alana has just given birth to their daughter, and outrunning baddies while nursing and dealing with postpartum stuff ain't easy. And, Marko has renounced violence and given himself over to pacifism. Or so he says. (So has Alana, but unlike Marko, not given to speechifying about the endless cycle of violence.)

Their only ally is the ghost of a teenage girl, Isabel, gory even in the afterlife, since she met her end stepping on a landmine; her torso ends in worm-like intestines rather than legs.

The cast is a crazy mix of humanoids -- horned and winged and some with computer monitors for heads -- cats that detect lies (don't they all?), and an arachnid assassin. Sexuality and plenty of wry humor abounds.

So, uh, yeah, good stuff. *Ordering the next book in the series.*