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The good, bad, and fugly books I've read.
Love Bites - Tori Carrington (This was a DNF; I got more than halfway through and was distracted by another book.)

I picked this up because the cover blurb suggested that readers of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum would enjoy it.

Sofie Metropolis does seem to be cast from the same mold as Stephanie Plum. Swap New Jersey out for New York; a big Hungarian/Italian family for a Greek clan. There's even a love triangle and Sofie, like Stephanie is employed by family and learning her new profession on the job.

But Love Bites seems to be trying to be a less campy, less zany version of the Stephanie Plum series, and in the process, comes off flat. (To be fair, this is my first exposure to the series, and Book #5 is probably not a good place to start.)

Nevertheless, nothing much seems to happen in this book. There's no strong tense of danger or tension. Sophie just sort of wanders around, showing no particular interest in solving crime, or whatever she is supposed to be doing. It's unclear whether the vampires are real or Scooby Do-style monsters.

Cute at times, but not enough to hold my teeny attention span.