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The Spirit Rebellion - Rachel Aaron The Spirit Rebellion picks up where The Spirit Thief left off. Eli Monpress, thief extraordinaire, and Miranda Lyonette the Spiritualist have just saved the kingdom of Mellinor from an evil wizard who enslaved spirits. (In this world, everything, even inanimate objects, has spirits.)

Miranda returns to the Spiritualist court, expecting, perhaps, a warm welcome. Instead she is put on trial and stripped of her rights and privileges as a Spiritualist. Her crime? Working with Eli, a wanted criminal, when she should have been capturing him. She flees the court to avoid losing her rings which house her bound spirits. Now a fugitive, she receives a request from the West Wind to investigate strange happenings in the Dukedom of Gaol.

Eli, Josef the swordsman, and Nico the demonseed go off to find Slorn, a Shaper. Nico lost her magical cloak in Mellinor. The cloak, which protects her and most importantly, helps her control her demon, can only be manufactured by a Shaper wizard. Slorn agrees to make her a new coat, but there's a price. He wants an unbreakable Fenzetti blade. And the nearest, "stealable," blade is in ... Gaol.

Magical hijinks ensue.

As with The Spirit Thief, The Spirit Rebellion still lacks much in the way of internal dialogue or insight into the character's feelings. This is much more of a weakness in this installment, since the storyline moves much slower--initially, anyway. There is also a sense of repetition as the plot follows the same pattern.

Evil wizard who is cruelly manipulating spirits? Check. Josef still having issues over using his magical sword? Check. Miranda allies with Eli? Check.

But it was fun and I'll be reading the next installment.