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Y: The Last Man, Vol. 3: One Small Step - Brian K. Vaughan, Pia Guerra, José Marzán Jr., Paul Chadwick I waffled between three and four stars on this one and decided to make like a figure skating judge and go for the lower score to allow for better skaters, I mean, volumes, later in the series.

Yorick, the last man on Earth, his pet monkey Ampersand, the only other remaining male on Earth, Dr. Mann and Agent 355 continue their journey across the country to Mann's laboratory in California. Along the way, they encounter a Russian agent named Natalya who delivers astonishing news. Two men, including a Russian cosmonaut are alive on the space station. The two guys along with a female astronaut are going to crash land in to quote Dr. Mann, "...the middle of some alfalfa field in Bumfuck, Kansas." The four hurry to the impending crash site. Unfortunately, they are being followed by Alter, the Israeli agent/soldier (?) who is "supposedly" trying to retrieve Yorick and return him to his mom, Congresswoman Jennifer Brown. In addition to the main story, there's a short story at the end involving a troop of actors who try to put on a play about--what else?--the Last Man on Earth. Except their audience is made up of small town Stepford wife types and the play doesn't go over too well. Though it seems sort of pointless at first, the story does tie into some of the main story's plot threads.

Despite the high concept--Yorick ISN'T the last man on Earth--the pacing in this volume felt a little slow, a bit like a transition. The art is serviceable, but not amazing, but then, that can probably be said of the first two volumes as well. In general, none of the characters, besides Yorick stand out all that much. Hence, the three-star rating. Nevertheless, at this point, the series hasn't lost its mojo and I'll be reading the next volume.