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The good, bad, and fugly books I've read.
Life of Pi - Yann Martel Calling this book "read" is a gross fabrication.

I only got about 40 pages in -- already skimming -- and gave up. From my brief perusal of those early pages, I'd say the book seems to be about a theist who simply cannot believe that anyone wouldn't believe in his dear and fuzzy wuzzy lord. Fuzzy indeed, since his brand of religion is amorphous and he's got a "Kumbaya, all religion is hunky-dory but agnostics suck" view of faith.

It's also about zoo animals and our relationship with them, our tendency to anthropomorphize animals, and how...that's a really bad thing to do, because every time you assume a chimp has feelings, a tiger eats a cute little goat. To paraphrase Martha Stewart: "Anthropomorphizing animals, it's a bad thing." Presumably, until it isn't. Or something.

Pretty soon, I'm thinking, "Okay, where's the ship? When's the fucking tiger going to eat this moron?"

One good thing about this book: I bought it at a book sale that benefited our village library. So my purchase will help add a new wing to the local library. So, uh, there's that. Huzzah, literacy!