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Three to Get Deadly - Janet Evanovich Re-read this (second or third time) because Life of Pi was making me want to stick a fork in my eye. And because...Ranger...that's why.

Pulled this off the keeper shelf and gave it another go-through because Stephanie Plum in the early days (approximately books 1-6) always makes my brain smile and my muse happy. My favorite SP novel is probably Four to Score, but Three to Get Deadly is good fun in the Plum tradition of hot love triangles, crazy old people, and the rest of the zany assortment of characters who populate the Burg.

This time around Stephanie's FTA (Failed to Appear) quarry is a beloved icon of Trenton, Moses (Mo) Bedemier. He's sort of like the local Willy Wonka, the candy store owner that EVERYONE loves. So when Stephanie takes on the case of finding the vanished Mo, who is on the lam following a weapons possession charge, she immediately becomes the town pariah.

Ranger is present as her laconic mentor; Morelli, the cop, does his thing as smoldering point in the love triangle. Grandma Mazur isn't as active in the story as she was in Two for the Dough, this time sticking with playing comic to Stephanie's long-suffering parents.

And of course...vehicles get blown up.

Fun, fun, fun!