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The Fault in Our Stars - John Green The Fault in Our Stars, which follows seventeen-year-old Hazel -- who has temporarily battled Stage IV thyroid cancer into a grudging submission, as she lives with what will likely be a terminal disease -- does what it's supposed to do: It's sad; it's sometimes funny; it features sardonically witty, wise-beyond-their-years teens who shake their heads at the various platitudes leveled their way by the cancer-free.

It is a love story, albeit tragic, but nonetheless sweetened by the notion that the two dying teens got an opportunity to love as some of us never do.

Like most novels of its kind, it's ultimately more a story about living than death.

Though not without contrivances, the schmaltz is offset by Hazel's dark sense of humor. Worth reading, though definitely not a genre or topic I'd want to read with any regularity.