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Notorious Nineteen  - Janet Evanovich

So...I'm on this health kick. Largely because about a year and a half ago my brain chemistry went all mad science and I needed a drug-free, therapist-free (read: cheap) way to deal with my crazies. So exercise and healthy eating.

And it worked. And thus, with the annoying zeal of the recently converted, I often end up extolling the virtues of fitness and a fast-food-free diet.

Consequently, Stephanie and company's eating habits make me cringe. I'm not a big fan of responsible adulthood, but at some point Stephanie is going to have to grow the fuck up and get a real job with benefits like health insurance, because at the rate that she consumes fast food and sugary snacks, she's going to have heart disease, diabetes, and every other diet-related illness out there.

Oh, um, yeah, the book, Notorious Nineteen? It's cranked from the standard Stephanie Plum template. Cars explode. Stephanie's FTA's evade her by running out the backdoor, or by simply, running. (Again, she really might want to consider taking a page from Ranger's playbook in fitness.) Lula is still a big curvy woman. Stephanie's mom still cooks up the only alternative to fast food in Stephanie's diet (Mom's home cooking, however, consists of high fat and sugar, so no big dif, really.). Grandma Mazur is still feisty. Stephanie is still torn between her two lovers: Ranger and Morelli.

This time around, a vengeful ghost from Ranger's past threatens him and Stephanie, enabling the necessary Ranger-time. Morelli, bless his heart, can't even seem to muster the energy to be jealous. Can you blame him?

I didn't go in thinking anything new or original would happen and hence, I wasn't disappointed. These books are like fast food. Not good for the brain, but quick and easy, with a capacity to stimulate the short-term pleasure center of the brain.