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Fables, Vol. 18: Cubs in Toyland - Bill Willingham

Wow. So once again, even in the immortal land of fables, no one lives forever.

Anyway, once upon a time, Bigby Wolf and Snow White got bizzy in a tent, got pregnant, and eventually fell in love. In that order.

Cubs in Toyland, numero dieciocho in the Fables series, focuses on two of Snow and Bigby's progeny -- Therese and Dare.

Therese is baffled by her Christmas gift, a toy boat. Not because it talks, because, hey, this is the land of Fables--toys speak. Therese is a girly-girl and not the kind of girl who gets boy toys. But when the boat suggests they wander out into the snow to find a not-frozen body of water, where it can grow to a full size vessel, she agrees. Because, again...Fables.

The boat takes her to a Tim-Burton-esque version of Toyland, where she is made queen, and--no surprise--things are not as they seem. Back at home, everyone is looking for the missing Therese, but it's Dare, the cubs' defacto pack leader, who finds his way to Therese's new universe and makes an attempt to rescue and bring her back to her family.

Bloody, gory things ensue because even the inclusion of children in the storyline doesn't turn this series into a safe, G-rated romp.

The collection ends with a short story that shows how long ago, the Big Bad Wolf set his paws on the path to domestication.

Good storytelling, nice art, but Therese is two-dimensional and I didn't care about her arc as much as I should have.